All things are full of God

By John Stuart Blackie, reprinted from Wild Poets of Ecstasy: An Anthology of Ecstatic Verse ALL things are full of God. Thus spoke Wise Thales in the days When subtle Greece to thought […]

milky way

If I’m to write a blog about spirituality and religion, I thought it only fair to provide some background on my own spiritual journey and attempt, as best I can, […]

A Liberal Reading of Psalm 23

Psalm 23 is without a doubt the most well known psalm – perhaps even passage – in the Bible. There are entire books devoted to it, but all this attention is for […]

Modern Liberal Spirituality

In getting this blog off the ground, I thought it was important early on to write a tone-setting post – one that establishes the baseline from which it operates. This is that post. This […]

Are we prisoners of our emotions?

I recently stumbled across this amazing comic from Zen Pencils. The artist, Gavin Aung Than, creates web comics from selected inspirational quotes. It’s a brilliant concept, brilliantly executed. This particular comic […]