Moon Over the Mountains

The weekend day spent in New Hampshire to visit my dying mother. She’s getting better slowly but weary, considering throwing in the towel. There were long bouts of silence broken […]

All things are full of God

By John Stuart Blackie, reprinted from Wild Poets of Ecstasy: An Anthology of Ecstatic Verse ALL things are full of God. Thus spoke Wise Thales in the days When subtle Greece to thought […]

milky way

If I’m to write a blog about spirituality and religion, I thought it only fair to provide some background on my own spiritual journey and attempt, as best I can, […]

A Liberal Reading of Psalm 23

Psalm 23 is without a doubt the most well known psalm – perhaps even passage – in the Bible. There are entire books devoted to it, but all this attention is for […]

Modern Liberal Spirituality

In getting this blog off the ground, I thought it was important early on to write a tone-setting post – one that establishes the baseline from which it operates. This is that post. This […]

Are we prisoners of our emotions?

I recently stumbled across this amazing comic from Zen Pencils. The artist, Gavin Aung Than, creates web comics from selected inspirational quotes. It’s a brilliant concept, brilliantly executed. This particular comic […]